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The idea that the Internet is throwing actors in media industries for a loop is not novel. The Internet poses a special problem for policymakers in several ways, including supranational relations and the dichotomy between freedom of expression and ensuring various public interest benefits. As new technologies develop through the use of the Internet, more […]

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that AT&T is attempting to buy T-Mobile. The proposed merger was announced early this summer, and new elements of the merger continue to develop. In latest news, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has sued AT&T under Antitrust (unfair competition) laws. The biggest issue concerning the merger […]

In a not-so-surprising update since the bulk of this article was written, Microsoft’s proposed partnership with Fox’s “Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show” – a prime example of Fox’s new advertising experimentation – it appears that Microsoft couldn’t take the racial, religious, and sexual stereotypes so prevalent in the MacFarlane brand […]

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Google’s building an online application that “flips” through magazines and newspapers. Don’t be evil? Disney acquires Vimanika Comics, creators of Dashaavatar and other Indian hero series. “It may be 20 or 30 years before newspapers are entirely digital, Murdoch said, but after that the medium has a “very bright future” without the overhead of paper, […]

UK paper the London Telegraph reported on Friday that Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile in the US) is considering making an offer to buy mobile competitor Sprint/Nextel. Though the numbers – 82.3 million subscribers, and moving ahead of AT&T in the US market to the number 2 spot – make the deal look sweet as can be, […]

Dan Gillmor, author of “We The Media” and much-quoted pundit on all things related to the perceived need for professional journalism to reconnect and form collaborative relationships with their communities, pubishes a list of 11 things to do for contemporary news organizations. Rather naively, “making money for shareholders/owners” is not on the list. And, the […]

In an effort to slow the bleeding of advertising revenue from TV, NBC/GE, TimeWarner, and News Corp (among others) have formed a coalition to find new ways to measure ratings. Leveraging cable box and DVR technology may provide insights into concurrent and passive viewership that Nielsen’s household survey system does not.

This blog is primarily intended as a linksharing space for students and faculty taking courses at Indiana University Bloomington’s Department of Telecommunications in the Industry & Management sequence. Here you will find reports from all over on what is happening inside the media industries (including but not limited to games, journalism, advertising, film, TV, music, […]