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I found this post on Twitter to be be very interesting: ‘Avatar’ unleashes a new kind of creative. The question on my mind is whether this position will follow the precarious route that most work in Hollywood has gone. Advertisements

The latest podcast of The Business is up and in it they discuss Dick Cook’s departure from Disney and also the recent Toronto Film Festival which might spell bad news for independent film makers who want to sell their movies to big studios. I think the most interesting part of the podcast was the discussion […]

State governments in the US are finally realizing that tax incentives for filmmaking in their state may not be exactly the cashflow bonanza they had hoped. “We are still not sure what exactly our tax dollars are being spent on with these films,” said Republican state Sen. Mark Jansen” Some states offer nearly 50% of […]

There are a number of issues in the Disney/Marvel acquisition which hark to hidden perceptions and prejudices that society holds. I listen to The Business, which is a podcast run by the public radio station KCRW and it highlighted some points in the story (Disney/Marvel mash-up) which I don’t many people realised. Did you know […]