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After a summer spent working at a music festival where there was no television (let alone cable) and spotty internet, the increase in Netflix pricing was the media change that most affected myself and the people I was surrounded by. ¬†Whenever the staff and students and free time, they were often found in the lobby […]

In a not-so-surprising update since the bulk of this article was written, Microsoft’s proposed partnership with Fox’s “Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show” – a prime example of Fox’s new advertising experimentation – it appears that Microsoft couldn’t take the racial, religious, and sexual stereotypes so prevalent in the MacFarlane brand […]

In an article touting the coming convergence of TV and web, the WSJ focuses primarily on the slow evolution of technological capabilities, and it is accurate to say that the slow uptake of web enabled TVs is primarily due to unavailability. But, as noted in the previous post, convergence is not JUST a merging of […]

There are a number of issues in the Disney/Marvel acquisition which hark to hidden perceptions and prejudices that society holds. I listen to The Business, which is a podcast run by the public radio station KCRW and it highlighted some points in the story (Disney/Marvel mash-up) which I don’t many people realised. Did you know […]

In an effort to slow the bleeding of advertising revenue from TV, NBC/GE, TimeWarner, and News Corp (among others) have formed a coalition to find new ways to measure ratings. Leveraging cable box and DVR technology may provide insights into concurrent and passive viewership that Nielsen’s household survey system does not.

As reported by MarketingCharts: total broadcast television ad revenues were down 12.8% in the second quarter of 2009, compared with the same period in 2008, based on a Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) analysis.