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After a summer spent working at a music festival where there was no television (let alone cable) and spotty internet, the increase in Netflix pricing was the media change that most affected myself and the people I was surrounded by. ¬†Whenever the staff and students and free time, they were often found in the lobby […]

I happened to stumble upon this video in which the director of the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence, Tom Rosenstiel, in Journalism speaks about the future of journalism. I guess us journos have to have these kinds of speeches said over and over again in order to reassure ourselves that our beloved craft is […]

Barry Diller was on the Katie Couric show this week and he unequiviocally stated that people will pay for online content (Watch CBS News Videos Online‘ ). Now the reasoning behind this, in his paraphrased words, is that the main driver will be the plumbing or bandwidth capabilities. Now my limited understanding of Internet connectivity […]