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An article produced by CNN attempts to set the record straight about all of the proposed changes being made to Facebook. The report is an excellent illustration of the process introduced in Chapter 5, creative destruction, which was introduced by Schumpeter. McGraw (2007) put it best when he said “creative destruction fosters economic growth but […]

F8 Conference


Mark Zuckerberg does it again! The CEO announced distinctive redesigns to be introduced on Facebook at company’s annual conference for software developers and entrepreneurs. Included in Mark’s redesign strategy is the addition of a feature called “Timeline”.  Timeline, he said, will be “all your stories, all your apps, a new way to express who you […]

Round about this time of the year we inundated with articles and programmes about the best and worst parts of the year and the most interesting I found was Mashable’s list of the biggest Facebook and Twitter trends for 2009. The list is basically an aggregation of the trendiest topics which were posted and talked […]