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In an article touting the coming convergence of TV and web, the WSJ focuses primarily on the slow evolution of technological capabilities, and it is accurate to say that the slow uptake of web enabled TVs is primarily due to unavailability. But, as noted in the previous post, convergence is not JUST a merging of […]

Media mashup


Google’s building an online application that “flips” through magazines and newspapers. Don’t be evil? Disney acquires Vimanika Comics, creators of Dashaavatar and other Indian hero series. “It may be 20 or 30 years before newspapers are entirely digital, Murdoch said, but after that the medium has a “very bright future” without the overhead of paper, […]

Dan Gillmor, author of “We The Media” and much-quoted pundit on all things related to the perceived need for professional journalism to reconnect and form collaborative relationships with their communities, pubishes a list of 11 things to do for contemporary news organizations. Rather naively, “making money for shareholders/owners” is not on the list. And, the […]

After former US President George Bush famously (and proudly) declared never to read newspapers, now it is his colleague in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, who is calling on his allies to stop reading newspapers (as reported by Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad). Interestingly, Berlusconi’s media empire includes ownership of several newspapers.