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In Chapter 8 of MW, Mark describes “liquid life” as the “primarily shaped and lived” life by media workers, which poses change and insecurity and has diverse and complex attributes. The Chapter subtly concludes what we have covered in the whole semester: how media industry is confronting change and challenge, and how media workers deal […]

Deuze and Stewart (2011) argue that despite the surge in usage of online media and creative industry products by consumers, the industry has yet to be able to effectively profit from this proliferation, “the very people whose livelihood and sense of professional identity depend on delivering content and experiences across such media seem to be […]

College sports continue to show their growth in social media. Head coaches of many university teams have started to use it as a recruiting tool, keep up with the news cycle, interact with fans, and even have their own personality on it. According to a recent survey, at least half of all college coaches are […]

As Deuze & Steward (2011) suggests in today’s technology and cross media variances, media companies and individual professionals have to constantly maintain their adaptation to the emerging new technologies. The fact that users now proactively take part in the acts of co-creation forces media managers and workers to rethink their processes and practices (p. 4). […]

“What drives contemporary media management and media work in all the creative industries is a general shift in power away form professional content creators to users and owners.” (Deuze & Steward, 2011). With the emergence of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, etc. – consumers are participating in branding of not only products, but also […]

After reading Mark and Brian’s chapter on media work, I was curious about the idea of companies collaborating with each other and collaboration of employees within a single company.  I wanted to explore the question that Mark raised about collaboration:   “How can we carefully build integrated functionalities, knowledge-sharing practices, and creative synergies across media companies and between media […]

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) recently released a study which indicates that young people wanting to work in film, television, and games in the UK are receiving discouraging career advice, and more of them are switching career paths because of this. These young people are “needlessly being discouraged,” and those more […]

Free Work


It is amazing to me the backlash that some artists get for daring to ever consider not maximizing profits. Many authors in SF publish at least part of their work online for free. The outgoing president of the SFWA called any author who had any work avaliable for free download a webscab and a pixel […]

Oakley (2009) believed that creative and cultural industry has “a surprising tendency to co-locate, generally in major cities, and often within the same neighborhood or building”. But the news piece I am sharing today demonstrates the artistic charm and centripetal force of smaller cities compared to London and New York. Cedar Rapids, the second largest […]