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Over the last few years there has been an evident increase in “the role of the customer as the co-creater of the media message” in the field of journalism. (Media Work, 75) News media outlets have used user-generated accounts of events to bring the news to the public. In this sense the public, who are […]

In a not-so-surprising update since the bulk of this article was written, Microsoft’s proposed partnership with Fox’s “Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show” – a prime example of Fox’s new advertising experimentation – it appears that Microsoft couldn’t take the racial, religious, and sexual stereotypes so prevalent in the MacFarlane brand […]

This guest blog post in the Washington Post book review (!) discussing the author’s stance on net neutrality regulations is a mashup of cultural and economic theories that precisely illustrates the growing tensions between the 20th century media policy landscape, and the 21st century post-convergence frontier. It’s like we’re all using the same words to […]

This talk may be a bit old, but I won’t say that it is dated. Kevin Kelly on the next 5000 days of the Internet. In his talk, which can be found on (an excellent resource of groundbreaking presentations), the former executive editor of Wired magazine talks about the evolution of the Internet and […]