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SOURCE: Browne, Rolling Stone Online Article, ” Record Biz Braces for Legal Battles Over Copyright Law” <;. Over the summer, one of the music industry issues I tried to stay abreast of was the debate revolving around copyright termination rights and the desire to clarify the copyright laws. ┬áMy interest, however, lies more on the […]

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that AT&T is attempting to buy T-Mobile. The proposed merger was announced early this summer, and new elements of the merger continue to develop. In latest news, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has sued AT&T under Antitrust (unfair competition) laws. The biggest issue concerning the merger […]

This guest blog post in the Washington Post book review (!) discussing the author’s stance on net neutrality regulations is a mashup of cultural and economic theories that precisely illustrates the growing tensions between the 20th century media policy landscape, and the 21st century post-convergence frontier. It’s like we’re all using the same words to […]

The latest podcast of The Business is up and in it they discuss Dick Cook’s departure from Disney and also the recent Toronto Film Festival which might spell bad news for independent film makers who want to sell their movies to big studios. I think the most interesting part of the podcast was the discussion […]