Collaborating Internally


After reading Mark and Brian’s chapter on media work, I was curious about the idea of companies collaborating with each other and collaboration of employees within a single company.  I wanted to explore the question that Mark raised about collaboration:   “How can we carefully build integrated functionalities, knowledge-sharing practices, and creative synergies across media companies and between media professionals (whom we employ or subcontract to)?”

I found two articles that explore media companies use of social networking and using cloud computing internally to improve their employee’s outputs.  Many companies found that their employees were more productive when using a social media platform to communicate and complete projects.  Not only were the employees more satisfied with their own work, the work that they were producing was far beyond anything they had created before when the main communication was through email.  To adopt these social media and cloud sharing networks, both articles articulated the need to employee involvement when choosing the platform.  If they employees were involved in the decision they found that it was more productive.  To do this, organizations found the need to have a good human resources staff.  The article by Smith highly encouraged organizations who are considering this to amp up their HR staffs and make sure that these employees are well trained to work with the companies employees when adopting a new way of communication.

I found this interesting in that we have talked so much about the decrease of jobs in the media field, but maybe there is a shift.  In order to supplement these new internal mechanisms which might decrease creative jobs is there a potential for an increase in jobs for human resources   This was just a question that came to mind when exploring companies adaptations and uses of new collaboration technologies. 

Sarah E. Lempke

“The Consolidation of IT: Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data and Social Media”.

Smith, Tineka.


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