In a recent “Help Desk” Article on DailyServing.com, Bean Gilsdorf discusses and answers a question he entitled “Insults and Insecurities”. This article and the question provide a look into the interpersonal and financial woes of an artist’s life. The Artist shares a change in attitudes in fellow artists towards him as he begins to see success in his career. While the direct question is focused on how to psychologically process this change in heart, outsiders to the art world may gain perspective to the difficulties and precarity artist face as workers and interpersonally. Gilsdorf summarizes his viewpoint as:

“Choose what kind of artist you want to be, and choose how you want to interact with people. You can’t dictate what other people do, but you can control how you operate and who you let into your life based on how they behave.”

It is clear that the artist in question, Dimitri Kozyrev is advancing in his career as an artist. His success in achieving funding, however, only aids his ability to express thought and emotion. As Kate Oakley paraphrases:

“It is worth noting that Throsby makes no distinctions between subsidised and unsubsidised cultural activities; the classification is not based around business models or funding, but around the idea of the ‘creator’ as a source of ideas and images” (Oakley, ‘Art Works’)

Using the framework of the competive nature of grant application, Gilsdorf shares and idea of the precarious income stream of an artist:

“When 300 artists apply for one $10,000 grant, that leaves 299 disappointed; and everyone expresses disappointment in their own way.”

We find Pierre-Michel Menger attributing a similar thread of thought in his research “Artists as Workers”:

“Unemployment rates may be mismeasured for several related reasons: individuals with artistic occupations may switch temporarily to work mainly in non-artistic occupations when unable to make a living in their primary vocational field, without
stopping to produce art works.” (Menger)

It is clear through the article, emotionally and interpersonally, an artist’s life faces many challenges.




Article Link: http://dailyserving.com/2012/11/help-desk-backstabbing/


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  1. 1 Bean

    Dear Garrett,
    Thanks for reading Help Desk! I appreciate that you took the time to respond to the Q&A. However, I must correct you: Dimitri Kozyrev is that week’s featured artist, but NOT the person who wrote the question. The identities of the questioners are always confidential; Kozyrev just happened to have work up in LA and I included a few of his works in the column.
    Best wishes,

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