The Balance Between Artist and Entrepreneur


While re-reading the Menger article, I was struck by his attempt to classify why artists would be content to deal with higher levels of occupational risks—that there is even some psychological disconnect that causes artists to make miscalculations regarding their chances of success. 

I was reading a series of articles focussed on becoming successful in the creative industries, and it seems there is a struggle between the two issues of becoming an entrepreneur (or even a “salesman” for your art), and making the art the central core of who you are regardless of the traditional idea of success.  I tend to believe that  these two are not mutually exclusive, but require a balance. 

Backstage, a theatre/film industry publication published an article highlighting the 5 things actors can learn from entrepreneurs. These being listening/observation of new trends and industry needs; demonstrating dedication to the craft or product; not playing it safe/selling your product; patience and persistence; and being unique and finding your niche. 

These were particularly interesting as they highlight both lifestyle attributes and business attributes as key. 

Karyn McNay



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