Viva Quality Journalism!



Journalism will never come an end if it keeps produce striking news pieces like this one: The New York Times recently published an article in its headline which meticulously documents how family members of Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, have amassed an enormous fortune and how their economic success coincides with his ascent to power.

Well, as a Chinese who was born and has lived all her life on the magical land, corruption is nothing but usual things you can see in your life or – if the officer is not lucky enough – in media. Shortly after the article posted on the NYT website, Chinese government quickly blocked this website. If you think a blocked usual piece of news can do no harm to officers hiding behind the Great Firewall, you’re definitely wrong. The article exerted incredible impact inside China.

Anyway, the article I am sharing today is not the one about our poor old PM, it is an analysis article originally from EL PAÍS. The author shares three opinions about journalism:

  • The NYT piece is “based on the best, most rigorous investigative reporting effort, confirmed by multiple sources; hard-to-refute documentary evidence; complex financial analyses audited by independent accountants hired to ensure the article’s precision; and on a long, dogged and surely very expensive labor of investigative journalism.” And this should be set as an example for other investigative reports.  Audiences will always love to pay for this kind of news.
  • “Good journalism is invaluable, and expensive.” The huge news piece cannot be produced by a random blogger or a social media activist. It was “possible thanks to the independence, organization, financial resources and the high professional standards of The New York Times.” The article reminds us how impoverished we will all be if organizations capable of producing objective, independent, high-quality contents become unviable.
  • High quality journalism improves the freedom of speech. The article talks about China’s cyber-wall cannot prevent the article from impacting people inside the wall. It helps Chinese people who have been living in ignorance for all their lifetime to know about the truth, even cruel.

I personally don’t care about the Page Three Girls or the flashlights of paparazzi, but I do believe that as long as quality reports exist, journalism will never come to an end.


by Feiran



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