Corporate Journalism


The Witschge and Nygren article discusses a lot of insecurities in the Journalism industry including job security, economic downfalls, digital/technical changes, and the move from professional to amateur journalism.

My article this week focuses on the corporate answer to this problem, corporate journalism. Big corporations, such as Nissan and Cisco (in this article), have been increasingly doing their own journalism work for their own online papers and tv programs. Cisco employes journalists for their online web paper which gives journalists full free range with only two rules to follow:

Don’t write about competitors, and don’t write anything that could harm Cisco.

Which means, these journalists do not really have “full” range.

Special interest groups will gladly pay for the media they want you to read, but you won’t pay for the media you need to read.

A statement from the article, this essentially describes what is happening if corporate journalism becomes a larger part of the mainstream market.

Nissan has built a fully equipped TV studio in their headquarters where they broadcast a news program with veteran and BBC journalists. Nissan however does not impose as strict of rules as Cisco allowing reporting on competition and stories that might hurt themselves.

Simon Sproule, head of global marketing at Nissan Motor Co notes:

I don’t have the confidence that traditional news organizations will be able to survive the transition to the new business models. Why should I invest large amounts of money over the next few years in a failing enterprise?

Dan Levy


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