The Quality of Today’s Journalism


Is the Future of Serious Journalism in the Hands of Corporate Media? by Tom Foremisk expands on the Deuze and Steward’s argument of the increase in consumer participation in journalism and to what extent are the consumers replacing the media workers.  Because of this, Foremisk concludes that the quality of the journalism has drastically fallen.  This “garbage in garbage out” model is detrimental to the media that is being presented to the general public.  

A group of journalists have embraced the convergence by melding two contrasting models of corporate media producing great journalism. Cisco has a large team of journalist producing articles about the tech industry and Nissan Motors has a full scale TV studio that produces news programs with veteran journalists from the BBC and elsewhere. Together they are producing “good” journalism that does not shy away from controversial subjects.  It is rare for corporate media to be involved with engaging in controversial topics.  These organizations are the business of creating this new corporate media model because they believe the traditional news organizations will be able to survive the transition to the new consumer driven models.  

This convergence is a great example of Deuze and Steward’s conclusion:

“The success of media production may increasingly rely on effectively combining and coordinating the various forms of expertise possessed by both professional media workers and creative citizen-consumers, not displacing one with the other.”


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