Technology gives a hit to Photojournalists


The onslaught of advanced, high-quality cameras—not only the standard camera, but portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and flip-video—has traditional photojournalists reeling.

Part of what set these individuals apart was the quality of their work. Now, with user-generated content on the rise, news organizations are utilizing the high-quality images uploaded by many of their readers to replace the work of more professional photographers.

Many news sources are directly encouraging their consumers to post photos and videos on their websites, as well as send them directly to the news stations for use in their journalistic efforts. While it is convenient for those “on the scene” to capture images that might be missed while the journalists try to get to the story, this is unfortunately translating to fewer photojournalistic jobs available to the professionals in their field.

With the trend toward user-generated content becoming the norm in so many areas, this seems to be one more casualty of technological advances.


Karyn McNay


Estes, Adam Clark (2011) CNN photojournalists lose jobs to cheaper, better cameras. The Atlantic Wire.


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