Surprise! You’ve been invited to use US Voting App on Facebook!


As US citizens brace for the next 4 years of leadership of their country, the Associate Press tells us what we already know: Coverage of the election will be provided to you by your friends and acquaintances in social media. No, there isn’t a Facebook App to place your vote, but your followers and followees will likely have much to say about each nail-biting moment of this end-of-the-mayan-millenium-calendar race to decide who will lead us into the new age of Aquarius.

“People will be able to construct their own media experiences, seek out desired information instead of waiting for it, participate in conversations and hear analysis that reflects their own perspectives or none in particular.” [1]


“Virtually all of the media organizations covering the election promise a huge amount of information available online, from interactive maps that display state-by-state results to data from exit polls.” [1]

Arguably, Media Work’s perspective of technology’s affect on reputation may be changing. As stated:

“…technology indeed can be seen as severely disruptive, challenging the foundations on which work in journalism is built: media is made for audiences. Once the audience disappears or has gone off to make its own media (while freely and illegally copying, pasting, editing and remixing the work of professional media producers), the professional identity of the media worker gets significantly undermined.” [p156]

It is clear that a

“resistance to a wholehearted embrace of innovative communication technologies as an instrument to foster community-generated content or connectivity” [p157]

is indeed changing. With the upcoming election, we see media’s embrace of online sharing as

“live stream, anchored by Dan Harris, will be shown on ABC and partner Yahoo!’s web sites…NBC will live stream its coverage on various platforms, including Facebook… former Vice President Al Gore will spend Tuesday leading Current’s coverage, which also prominently features live Twitter streams…Glenn Beck is in charge of Election Night coverage on his website The Blaze, and The Daily Kos website is promoting its own radio commentary… [and] Larry King will be on duty Election Night on the digital network Ora TV.” [1]

– Garrett




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