In the digital age, hyperlocal rules


In the age of digital journalism, online news especially is all about being hyperlocal and empowering local community members to contribute towards building of such news.

With this view, The Omaha World-Herald Co.announced this week that it has purchased a hyperlocal WikiCity, with local content for just more than 22,000 U.S. communities. This local website started in late 2008 and launched publicly this summer and has a telephone-book-like listings of restaurants and businesses and is predominantly a user generated website.

This as the article rightly points out indicates a change in what was considered a product in journalism.

What’s cool about this for the newspaper business is it’s an example of a newspaper redefining its role and product. This sale seems like a realization that the product isn’t news; it’s helping readers make sense of their world in every way possible. I think more newspapers will need to do this as their business continues to evolve.

Moreover, in an attempt to increase its revenue from online operations, news organizations have realized that they will need to diversify in content and presentation to become more relevant to local communities they cater. Audience will pay for news or information only when they find value in it and there is a sure shift in the perception of value of news, especially online.



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