Citizen Journalism meets Sandy


“Modern journalism has consistently defined and legitimized itself as such, claiming to adhere to a social responsibilty of public service regarding the democratic state, informing citizens in  way that enables them to act as citizens” (Deuze, 2007).

With the ever changing landscape of reporting news, especially in times of crisis, #HelpSandy became a rallying cry for New Jersey and New York residents. Citizen journalist and print-journalist took to Twitter to help people through the ordeal. Twitter set up a #Sandy page, specifically for people to post help promote, especially journalist from across the region.

We have seen journalist quite often being helped by citizen journalist in times of crisis on the social web and this situation was no different. With over 8 million people losing power because of the storm, many people had to resort to their smart phone for information on power, gas, and destruction. Governor Chris Christie was able to let people know all the going on’s via his Twitter page. It became a place for journalist to put the message out there.

Journalist have had to change because of convergence culture. The job is no longer just writing a good story, but a need to be good at video and have a social media presence or you may not be a journalist for much longer.


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