A More (App)ealing Approach to Journalism


Last week, Link Media launched the LinkTV World News app for iPad, which combines mainstream media with eyewitness reports. Inspired by consumers’ increasing use of YouTube for receiving news, the LinkTV World News app uses “a team of seasoned journalists” roots through video content (both professional and amateur) in order to provide consumers with “the stories that matter most.” 

Users can personalize the app to cater to their own tastes and interests in world events. Users also have access to articles from tens of thousands of international sources, which can easily be shared on social networks. Each article also provides the opportunity to “take action” with the specific issue at hand. This call to action is what gave the project funding from the Bertha Foundation and the Knight Foundation.

The effect of news aggregators on journalism and the news industry is a highly debated issue. However, I think this app is a good example of using new technologies and co-creation in a productive way. Although I am unsure of the journalists that are becoming merely gatekeepers for weeding out “relevant” news, this iPad app gives consumer content a chance to be seen alongside professional videos and articles. I think this is at least a step in a good direction for journalism in that it makes content seem more relevant to consumers, and also makes the consumer experience more interactive. 


Article: LinkTV World News for the iPad wants to reinvent global news for the YouTube era 

another article: Curated video world news iPad app launches


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