Increased Transparency of Job Insecurity in the Digital Game Industry: A New Buisiness Model


The digital game industry has a significantly lower percentage of freelancers – 8% compared to 29% across all creative media industries. (232). However, this does not mean the industry provides job security for its workers. The industry is actually plagued with uncertainty and a high degree of mobility. (Id.). This combined with the youthful age demographics and high level of burnout in the industry, contributes to a highly unstable industry. (Id.).

Many feel there should be increased transparency regarding the insecurity of the digital games industry, and some businesses are moving towards this model. Tantalus CEO, Tom Crago, spoke up about the lack of job security in video games development, and the need to be honest about the issue. He stated that any developer that believes his or her job is secure for the next 10 years “is kidding themselves.” Therefore, Mr. Crago is determined to be more transparent about his business – in terms of challenges, as well as success. He feels a sense of responsibility to his workers to disclose the real situation of the company, as he believes “ultimately you don’t do anyone any favours by pretending the world hasn’t changed.”

Nikki Tuttle

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