Tim Burton’s Intergalactic Hit Film: Frankenweenie


ImagePhoto from the Disneyblog

Deuze notes that “As with other creative industries, the world of broadcasting and film is an uncertain one: markets are unpredictable and move fast” (p. 179). This fact is exemplified in the reaction of Tim Burton, following the box office premier of Disney’s Frankenweenie, which attracted far fewer moviegoers than expected:

I don’t really know why. I can never predict from the beginning of my career. Any of them can go one way or the other. When people see it they seem to like it and Disney has been supportive of it so I can’t really fault anything. I don’t really know.

The article cites a couple of other possible factors for the lack of box office success of his latest film. Oversaturation, due to the simultaneous arrival of two similar-themed animated features, Focus Features’ ParaNorman and Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania, is one possible explanation for the film’s lackluster performance in the US.

Deuze argues that “networks of production in the creative industries consist of interconnected functions and operations through which goods and services are increasingly globally produced and distributed” (p. 182). Globalization has impacted the film industry in such a way that films performing poorly in one national market may still attain financial success at the international level. This is reinforced in the article, which notes that Burton is heading to France, Japan, and Korea for the international debut of the film that recently debuted as the opening night attraction of the London Film Festival. This still leaves open the question, however, of how to create a product that will do well both nationally and internationally, a formula for which still needs to be developed. Reflecting again on the reception of Frankenweenie, Burton’s explains: “It’s just one of those weird things. It is not an exact science. […] We’ll see what happens. Hopefully the movie will find a life somewhere, [on] some distant planet.”

The original article can be found at: http://www.deadline.com/2012/10/frankenweenies-oscar-race-tim-burton-interview/.

-Muge Fazlioglu


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