Michigan Film Office


            In the readings, Keith Randle points out the fickleness of the film industry when it comes to incentivizing their work.  In many territories, both international and even stateside, tax breaks and other economic inducements have the power to bring Hollywood coming. But once those tax breaks dry up, the film crews head out and what they leave behind isn’t much benefit to those cities,

“…when financial capital is able to enter and leave national film industries with ease….inward investment has been withdrawn almost overnight where economic incentives are not sufficiently attractive, leaving a production service industry struggling to survive.” p147.

            This is the case right now in Michigan. Before the governor reined back on subsidies Michigan offered some of the best for television and film production outside of New York and Los Angeles, topping at a high on $115 million in 2010. The tax credits are now capped at $25 million for the rest of fiscal year, just low enough to see Hollywood crews going elsewhere. However it has since gained ground for 2013 at around $58 million. The Michigan Film Office is ramping up efforts to attract new films by launching an ad campaign and making a trip into LA to pitch the state. Maybe it will be enough.







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