Building Media Job Security in New Regions.


The Television and Film chapter touches lot on job security or rather insecurity from project to project, noting workers as essentially “free agents.” I found two articles that discuss state legislations role in the insecurity of tv and film jobs in areas that are not known large production cities (like L.A. or NYC). The first article discusses South Carolina’s opinions that “Governor Haley and state agency officials [do not] care about our jobs and the film industry in South Carolina.” Many production workers recently lost their jobs when productions start wrapping in these towns due to a lack of tax incentives and approval. The article notes that a lot of projects have been proposed but none have been approved.

The second article discusses the film industry in Georgia. In Georgia, it is quite the opposite where as the state is fueling the industry there in order to attract projects to increase employment for media professionals. “The film and television industry has provided tens of thousands of jobs to Georgians, not only in technical positions, but also as caterers, production assistants, painters, hair dressers, etc.” Soundstage’s and large scale production rooms have been built to accommodate the projects. 

The article mentions “We have a temperate climate so productions can film year-round. We have a diverse topography of mountains, beaches, plains, small towns and urban landscapes.” Based on these factors, projects can provide workers jobs year round.

Dan Levy



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