Chapter 9 in Media Work seems to emphasize the precarity of work as much as technology in film and television industries. As apparent as it may seem, Americans are consuming more of their programming through mobile and streaming devices. From their census from 2010, Neilsen’s inventory of US TV households declined 500,000 sets.

“We have had no household formation over the past several years, and I believe there is a modest amount of cord-cutting happening in younger households and in lower-income households,” said Paul Sweeney,

As this trend is followed into its second year, Neilsen is developing  means of incorporating online viewing. While major networks are seeing drops in viewership, programming such as the Olympics and football continue to maintain and grow viewership. The reflection of these changes in metrics will be accounted for in 2012-13 seasons. This change in consumption is yet another sign of the precarity of the broadcast, and more largely, the media industry. It can be certain as the technology evolves, the continual threat to new distribution venues is omnipresent.

“Arguably the most discussed role of technology in film and television has to do with the distribution and usage mechanisms of movies and programs. The fast-paced developments in digital, networked, screen-based and portable technologies are considered a threat to traditional was of delivering content to audience.” (Deuze p 185)

– Garrett

Article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-25/nielsen-cuts-u-s-tv-homes-by-500-000-on-census-shift-to-web.html


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  1. Great Article! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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