Comcast — the Next Apple? Branding a Cable Company into an Empire


With changes in technology the television and film industry have witnessed a shift in perspective – from making film and television to “making products and content.” (Deuze 172). There has also been a shift emphasizing branding, and as a result the industry has experienced “replacement of high-profile creative positions with marketing specialists and brand managers.” (Id.).

This shift towards branding and creating a mega industry of products, not merely film and television, is evidenced in the cable company Comcast. Although Comcast historically has been known for its relatively poor customer-satisfaction ratings, it boasts: “We want to be the next Apple.” It seeks to accelerate its development cycle times, and to keep pace with the demand for more features and content across multiple devices. The newest of these developments being to provide products that are increasingly user-friendly, including a DVR/cable service that does not require a set-top. No longer are cable providers merely delivering reality TV shows and sitcoms – the industry is providing a one-stop-shop for technology.

Nikki Tuttle

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