Story of an artist


This article highlights the story of an artist and speaks to most of the points as discussed in this week’s readings – an artist taking up additional jobs to compensate for his low and irregular income. 

Charles Wallis, began his art career at 13 and even went on to get his art degree from Baylor University but then decided not to pursue his passion as a profession then. 

“I wish I had started it right out of college, but there were pressing matters of feeding my wife and kids,” he says in the article. This quote supports the claims of our readings that income for an artist is very less as compared to other professions. However, in Wallis’ defense, he made advertising his career then, which is considered to be a creative industry as well. 

He started painting regularly three years ago. He now paints approximately four to six hours a day.

“It’s good supplemental income and its fun,” he said. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do all my life. I was too afraid that I wouldn’t make a living at it when I was younger.”

The article mentions that, ‘while Wallis now lives off the sales of his paintings, the price for each painting is only part of the satisfaction he receives.’ This again supports the ‘psychic income’ claims in Oakley’s reading. 

“It’s the fact that someone likes what I did,” he said. “That’s what encourages me to go back to do the next one. A sale inspires you to do more.”




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