Competitive Strategy can Land Creative Jobs in Booming Markets


I found two key articles I’d like to discuss this week. More connected with the Menger reading, both articles discuss creative employment growth as well as competition. I believe the second article also relates to the necessity for artists/creatives to morph themselves into professionals with which their creativity stands out and is needed. First a Huffington Post article discusses social media’s contribution to the creative economy and attributes it as one of the greatest supporters of jobs within the creative industries as well as a way to sort out creative applicants. One of the points is that social media use through job applications allows job applicants to submit “infographics, videos and blogs to enhance their candidacy.” This is opposed to the traditional bulleted resume format. 


Second, a Creativity Post article discusses the employment/unemployment of creative professionals in todays economy as well as tips for securing creative jobs. The article notes that there is a continued “demand for creative professionals with extensive digital skills, which suggests that finding candidates with this skill set remains a challenge. In fact, about four in 10 (41 percent) executives surveyed for our Hiring Index said it’s challenging to find skilled creative professionals today.” 

Similar to the Huffington Post article, the Creativity Post article also discusses creative job applications resume’s and spending more time on your resume since it is your first exposure. The article also cites a future increased demand in the industry areas of “healthcare, mobile, gaming, education, technology, financial services and manufacturing.”



Dan Levy


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