Artistic Jobs In Unexpected Places


Finding a job in the arts field is all about being connected, and more often than not, being in the right place at the right time.  Tegan Bellitta, an employee at Whole Foods is an excellent example of this.  Bellitta was an artist working at Whole Foods while earning her college degree, as the store artist.  Her job is to creatively illustrate the boards around the store, spotlighting sales and brightening other areas with her art. 

While it wasn’t her first choice of an artistic career, she has grown to like her stable job.  She has moved up within the company and now has her own office and staff. Whole Foods lets her work however she wants and supports her creativity as long as it is improving sales and the ambiance of the store. She used to free lance and teach on the side before she had children, but now enjoys focusing on her steady gig at Whole Foods. 

Bellitta described the job in the article as a “stepping stone to create art in the business world.” I find this interesting and related a lot to our readings this week about creative labor markets and jobs.  While these comfy stable jobs are rare in the creative field, it is interesting to learn where these jobs actually are. A grocery store chain would not have been the first place I would have guessed. 

-Sarah E. Lempke

Sam Fran Scavuzzo. “Creative Career—Roxborough Artist Finds Niche at Whole Foods” 

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