Who Really Wants a Greeting Card Anyway?


With  the consistent growth of social media, items such as greeting cards have taken a hit. On Facebook, we can easily tell when it is someone’s birthday or if they are having a baby. A simple ‘congratulations’ or ‘Like’ is all that is needed these days. Which, in turn, has killed the greeting card companies.

Hallmark estimates that amount of greeting cards have dropped an estimated 7 billion to 6 billion world wide. People tend to upload their own photos and create their own greeting cards on sites such as Shutterfly. Pam Danzinger, president of Unity Market says:

“What Hallmark started with met the needs of the consumers in that early 20th century period to mass produce these personal greeting cards with art and poems and the only way you could communicate was by mail essentially,” It’s no surprise that in the 21st century with so many other communication vehicles available that the old idea of a greeting card being sent by mail just doesn’t work anymore.”

Hallmark, although still committed to paper greeting cards, has made their own changes. It now has an iPhone app that allows for people to buy and send greeting cards. It even recently partnered with Shutterfly to share designs.

This is no surprise. As we get more entrenched in social media, these companies need to continue to revolutionize their advertising and marketing strategy. 


Matt Blaszka


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