RT: “Hey! I have a quick survey for you. Do you have time to answer a few questions?”


Spattered across Ad and Marketing Headlines is the news that digital ad market shares are eclipsing newspaper shares this year, and this marker is happening sooner that predicted. Moving into the second week of “Ad week” in New York, the interest in gaining legitimate metrics on Twitter’s inherent supplement to word-of-mouth promotion is proclaimed as the company partners with Neilson. The plan is to develop control data to superimpose on other metrics gained through surveys offered by various cooperative brands. Some of the most notable data to be gathered includes:

“…who was exposed to an ad and who wasn’t, who is a brand follower and who isn’t, whether or not a user engaged with the tweet or not, or whether the ad was seen in mobile or on desktop.”

Rather than adopting the historic and sometimes rude device of popup windows to complete a survey, Twitter has preempted with a new addition to the service. As a platform utility to compliment the data aggregation, Twitter will be offering a polling function, which may gain additional traction and interest by political organization.


-Garrett Poortinga

Original article: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/news/2214431/twitter-partners-with-nielsen-for-brand-campaign-surveys


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