New modes of advertising Michael phillips


As the Advertising industry faces rapid changes in consumer expectations, it is important that agencies and their clients shift to meet the changing ways that end users are interacting with ads. With the maturation of social media as a means of community maintenance and 600 million of Facebook’s billion users using mobile platforms for their primary access to their social networks, advertising that hopes to leverage social networking needs to not set mobile advertising apart as a seperate realm the way that many advertisers did digital ads during the initial growth phase of internet advertising. Working in social advertising requires a different mentality for advertising workers, instead of a competitive “look what I did” approach, diverse teams of creative people need to be guided along to better engage with the communities of their target audiences. A diverse set of viewpoints and a focus on honest presentation of your products is more likely to get audience members who are increasingly aware of the tricks and tools of traditional advertising to engage with your products, even though they are aware that they are being advertised to.


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