Ad-Agency Multiculturalism: The New Frontier


Media Work discusses the landscape of the advertising/PR culture as predominantly and traditionally white—despite efforts to engage in programs that promote and recruit young professionals of a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

 However, the demand for multicultural marketing campaigns and strategies continues to rise exponentially, and with it the desperation to find representative ethnic diversity in the workplace.

 Many advertising agencies have noticed a declining ability to effectively segment their advertising efforts for particular cultural groups due to the globalizing influence of internet and social media exposure. Vita Harris, Global Chief Strategy Officer for Draftfcb, describes how agencies wish to develop multicultural strategies through utilizing new ideas born form less-represented cultures. See video Here.

 What is being noticed throughout the industry, however, is that the new ethnically-diverse employees are not necessarily culturally diverse. Hamilton Nolan for noted following his attendance of AdvertisingWeek events, “As in much of corporate America, ‘diversity’ in advertising means ‘people who are not white, but who have been to Harvard Business School.’ The 9 a.m. panel, at the Liberty Theater in Times Square, featured two HBS grads: Seneca Mudd, who wore a pinstripe suit jacket, red pocket square, and no tie, and Steven Pereira, who wore a pinstripe suit jacket, red pocket square, and a red tie. Diversity.”


 Karyn McNay


Ad World Desires Multicultural Tech Talent Firms fight for best digital recruits, say Advertising Week attendees.  Christopher Heine

 Race, Nostalgia, and Our Deep Thirst for Advertising.  Hamilton Nolan.


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