New Models of making a living as a musician. (Michael Phillips)


The Panay essay brought to mind one of my favorite musicians. Johnathan Coulton is a singer and song writer of a distinctly geeky bent who decided to try a bit of an experiment at the end of 2005. He wrote and produced a song each week from September 2005 through September 2006 and published them all under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. While all of these songs are available online to download for free, legally, he has managed to make a solid living on the revenues from their sales and related merchandise. He was also able to leverage the popularity of his music into production deals with Valve Software (Still Alive and Want You Gone) and as of last year he disclosed that hew as making about half a million dollars a year completely absent a record company. He does a lot to connect with his fans, and to encourage them to create things out of media they love. He tore into a group of youtube haters for mocking a girl who had made a cover of one of his songs in one of my favorite pieces of hater shaming invective


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