Licensing & Composing: Cutting out the Middleman


In the Rethinking Music, Briefing, Panay discusses different revenue streams within the music business and how they are changing. He discusses licensing and how the trends are changing when licensing music and mentions his company which plays matchmaker for bands and companies looking to license music.

The article I discovered, is about a new partnership between a licensing company and an alliance of “heavy hitting” hollywood composers. When I read the Panay article, I initially thought that his company was adapting well to the changes in the industry, but when I read this article, it seemed to make his niche just as unstable as the rest. While his company serves as a middle man between artists and booking/licensing agencies, the Audiosocket/Smash Haus Music Group partnership, is cutting out that need by merging the two together.

Smash Haus Music Group Owner and Composer Dylan Berry says

“We decided to upend the traditional media music industry and develop strategies directly with our clients that better their bottom line while increasing our music providers income. With Audiosocket, we have a preferred platform that creates real, tangible, equitable value for all parties – from content creator to production entity – without sacrificing quality, quantity or creativity.”

As the industry changes, it seems that partnerships like these are the wave of the future and economically progressive compared to companies like Panay’s.

Dan Levy

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