Indie musicians trying to “make it” via social networks


A recent Financial Times report reveals that Music Festivals fails to secure funding which is a blow to indie musicians/bands since a lot of them count on music festival live performance to attract more audience and hopefully gain more reputation. However, other pieces of news show that live performance is not the only way for indie musicians to communicate directly with their potential audiences and fans. Even indie musicians from Indonesia and Pakistan begin to promote themselves via social network and gain a international fame.

BBC reported that many young Indonesian musicians find it hard to make a name for themselves, thus they turned to other channels like social media. One indie musician said: ”The only difference is that we don’t have as much money. But thanks to social media, now we can reach just about anyone. We used to have to pay to be on TV; now it’s the other way around.” Music professionals in Indonesia now believe that the music industry is no more monopolized by major record labels, and that indie music is witnessing more prosperity.

Similarly, according to The Express Tribune, songs in Pakistan talking about government accountability and provocative imagery were banned from airing but they find their way online. Thanks to YouTube and other Internet and social media sources, it is fairly easy for one to share their musical rant with just about everybody. The musicians are creating what many term as ‘the cool’ or Pakistan’s ‘indie music’ scene.

The Harvey article mentions that in many respects, indie labels are perfectly suited for a networked, collaborative music world. Because “the people within these clusters can not only interact with each other but also share ideas, opinions, and works with like-minded others in ways unimaginable a decade ago.” In my opinion, it’s not only because that social media are suitable for indie bands/artists to share their music; it sometimes or usually is because they don’t have choice. If indie musicians want to start from nothing and “make it”, they usually have several channels like sending demos to music record company, promoting themselves via networking, participating in reality shows or auditions etc. But as suggested by the Zwaan and Ter Bogt article, it is not wise to send demos to record companies right now since it will be regarded as failure to use connections and music networking. Unfortunately not every artist has the opportunity to know big names in the industry or to perform in front of large audience, thus social media offers them a fair enough platform to attract attention.

As far as I’m concerned, things are exactly the same in China: indie musicians are seeking more exposure to the public by going online. However, there’s still a lot to be achieved before they “make it”.


by Feiran


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