The Music Industry: an Industry that Refuses to Die


The music industry has seen hard times in recent years. With the newest generation of music consumers having access to free music downloads, videos, and new technology it seemingly renders obsolete what was once known of the music industry. However, Panay argues that the music industry is far from being obsolete or dying, and is as much alive today as decades previous.

“A Closer look . . . reveals that the music business is not so much imploding as – like any other industry that has been around for more than a dozen years – it is evolving.”(Panay, 59)

Artists and music executives are finding new ways to stay alive and profitable within the music industry. These industry big wigs are forced to interact with the consumer in new and interesting ways. Instead of banking on CD and concert sales, the industry must learn to work with consumers, and not against them. For many artists this means providing free downloads and shows in exchange for consumer loyalty.

Even big named artists are jumping on this bandwagon, as evidenced by Lady Gaga’s joint venture with Skype. Recently, Skype joined the Award-winning artist to sponsor the Born This Way Ball world tour. Skype will provide fans a new and unique way to share their concert experiences, connect with Lady Gaga herself, and celebrate the Ball. Skype’s mobile apps will allow concert goers to share their own special moments and memories from the tour with the people they care about, wherever they are. Skype users will also get exclusive access to the tour via LiveNation and a website they’ve developed specifically for the tour – Those attending the concert will have an opportunity to share video messages with Lady Gaga and their own friends via Skype video booths at the concerts.
Nikki Tuttle


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