Michael Phillips Second attempt to post


The value of a bohemian lifestyle for self employed artists is mirrored in many different subcultures where individual skill and creativity are essential to the work favored by them. Not specifically “la vie boheme” as described in Eikhof and Haunschild, but lifestyles that do not mesh well with a standard white picket fences world. Behaviors that are frowned upon by their communities, but that help define a common society and group of interest.

You find similar behaviors creating a sense of community and adding a social and personal achievement to activities that take huge investments of time and effort, that allows them to gain personal value from the long hours of work required to make these activities economically viable.

Maker and Hacker cultures tend to exhibit similar lifestyles. “odd” behaviors, a culture of valuing extremes of effort, of exceptional chemical (caffeine and otherwise) use, and a creative endeavor that is not particularly well understood by outsiders all similar hallmarks between them and bohemian lifestyles.


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