The Snake Pit – Auckland’s Bohemian corner


The Eikhof & Haunschild article defines the Bohemian lifestyle as one ‘characterized by a devotion to art for art’s sake’ and says that this sort of lifestyle is an essential source for work motivation for artists. Further it makes a point that this way of life helps artists become ‘bohemian entrepreneurs’, who ‘integrate intensive self-management and self-marketing’ and place their artistic work life above their private life. 

This article speaks of the Bohemian entreprenuers in Auckland, New Zealand, who live together and work out of an old, shabby building – The Snake Pit. Artists such as painters, clothes and jewelry designers etc. The art students from this group also organize an exhibition every fortnight in the gallery in the building. 

For artists, as we have understood from the Eikhof & Haunschild article, fulfillment stems not from money but from the achievement of their work. The Snake Pit group stands true to this as the news article notes, ” the Snakepitters can afford to keep the lights on, but there’s no money for heating. Their business plan is virtually non-existent.’

One of the Snakepitters explains this by saying, “It’s not about being in business. It’s more about people having a platform to do what they want in clothes and jewellery.” 

Interestingly, the street in Auckland – High Street –  where The Snake Pit is located was once “bohemian”, full of young fashion and film people, architects and owner-operated boutiques and it is once again transforming into the artists’ den. 


– Namrata



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