Subsidized Creative Management Diploma


Bilton’s Chapter 3: The Management of Creative Industries, describes the shift in management styles in the creative industries and the controversies when comparing the two.  The creative process and management are very similar and it is becoming increasingly necessary for the two to coincide with each other. The market is demanding a more diversified workforce resulting in a smaller firms that are more specialized network collaborating together.

A current example of this can be found in a recent article describing a new creative management diploma offered in Singapore by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).  Due to the growing creative industry the agency is seeing an increased need for creative industries to train their employees with a management skill set.  What is most interesting about this specialized diploma is subsidized by the WDA to it’s citizens and larger subsidies for small or medium businesses who put their employees through the program.  “diploma course is targeted at individuals such as animators, game developers, application developers, technopreneurs, IDM researchers, IDM business start-ups, media owners, publishers and anyone who is involved in developing or managing IDM products.”

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