Google creative sandbox


Bilton has us focus on the importance of packaging, branding and tailoring in distinguishing your product or service in the marketplace. Now that content is largely free, or at least comparable to the competition, how it is delivered is what will pay the rent and drive awareness.

In an effort to maintain the competitive edge of the Google brand, as a constant innovator and promoter of creative platforms, the company recently launched Google Sandbox. Sandbox is a platform that allows creative industries to showcase their case studies in a unique format that lays out solutions to innovative strategies.

In this sense Google wants to lay bare both the programming and the design involved and, “urges entrants to list coding languages, ad networks and developer tools that underlie a campaign. Agencies are able to add stats, including project impressions and even total lines of code written.”

By creating a platform that caters to both the tech and design components necessary to launch a successful brand and ad campaign, Google draws on both of its core strengths and stays in step with Facebook, which has its own version of the online showcase platform.


-Emily Wood


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