Managing a creative approach to finding a managing editor…


What a spin! Creative managing at Sport Illustrated means the publication has begun auditioning for the role of managing editor. Yes, AUDITIONING. Each week, one person tries out the position. This “editor for the week” is either in-house or coming in from the outside. “Sources tell us that the weekly rotation of guest editors hasn’t actually been that disruptive. The staff seems to be genuinely excited for either guy—the two are buddies—to get the job”. The silliness of this isn’t necessarily the approach of the management, but rather the article reporting the dilemma. The perspective as it reads comes across like a play-by-play sportscast. I suppose in the world of sport’s reporting, a little friendly competition is healthy. In line with the approach of, I am left wondering if each “editor for the weak” generates editor stats, to which the company will initiate a fantasy draft for an All-Star team.

-Garrett Poortinga

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