Hooray For Football


Football is back. With every new season, new graphics, ideas, and platforms are trying to be met. Sunday Night Football is no different. Last night, SNF launched their new social media strategy for the 2012 NFL football season. In a effort to reach a broader fan base, SNF has not only launched efforts on Twitter and Facebook but Instagram as well. The sideline reporters will be posting updates, pictures, videos, and news during the game. This will expand the role of the side line reporter. 

The most unique and critical piece is Instagram. Last season, they used this platform with tremendous success as fans were liking and posting photos. Fans can submit photos using the hashtag, #SNF to help catalog fan photos for all to see. A tab will be located on the Facebook page

Speaking of Facebook, SNF has made their page a one-stop shop for all your social media needs. It has become a place where fans can integrate their thoughts and visual on-line presence.  

Sport media companies have been hesitant to give their on-air talent full reign on their social media platforms. I think this is an important step for sports reporters getting more involved on gameday and being able to create their own niche.


Matt Blaszka 


Here is the link to the article: http://www.mobilesportsreport.com/2012/09/nbcs-sunday-night-football-expands-social-media-presence/


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