Cultural Currency


The Hesmondhalgh and Baker reading offered a personal look into the lives of different media professionals and the precarity they find themselves in in securing and retaining employment. The number of individuals eager to enter media centric employment combined with the diminishing opportunity for stable, salaried jobs create an atmosphere that benefits the employers. Meanwhile employers are scouring for those job seekers who can deliver the most cultural capital in order to translate the social media phenomenon into a profitable host of consumers. And Klout may be the answer.

Klout is an Internet tool that supposedly measures an individual’s online influence by gauging their presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Based off of these assessments Klout gives you a score. And it is this score that some employers are turning to, to see whether or not an employee is worth interviewing.

Piers Fawkes of PSFK believes that Klout “is a very robust way available to judge the cultural capacity of a prospective or existing employee….And sure…Klout can be gamed so that people can receive higher scores than they might otherwise be entitled. But perhaps, we as employers should be even more interested in hiring someone who knows how to manipulate social media to their own advantage.”

Should your employability be determined on your level of participation in “cultural” discussion, or on your online sociability? And what implications does gaming cultural currency have on our culture?

-Emily Wood


Should Klout Scores Affect Hiring Decisions?


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