Connecticut: The New HQ for Sports Media


ESPN and NBC Sports have been making moves to relocate their headquarters, studios and creative outlets to Connecticut from New York. 

This new campus is about bringing people together to maximize production, creativity and efficient teamwork,” Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Sports Group, said in a news release. “We are creating one 32-acre unique location that allows us to build numerous state-of-the-art studios, house more than 450 employees, and prepare for anticipated future growth.

We’ve been discussing as well as reading a lot about media companies gathering and operating within certain areas in order to maximize productivity and foster convenience as well as cooperation among creatives. This new corporate sports park sprouting in Connecticut is an example of just this.

In the article, James Bosworth, the founder of Back9Network says

It just makes sense as you build an organization that you want to recruit the right brain trust and people. If all those people happen to be in the same geographical location, it makes it a lot easier for you.

Allen Scott (2003), as mentioned in Media Work, chapter 2, also discusses the effectual trends of cities marketing themselves as “creative” cities and offering incentives in order to attract these industries. Connecticut, in this case, did exactly that.

ESPN and NBC Sports last year were given deals as part of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy‘s “First Five” program, set up for the first businesses to agree to create 200 jobs over two years or invest $25 million in Connecticut and create 200 jobs over five years.

Media is certainly a driving force in building new economic ventures and as long as the media industry continues to grow, regions will continue to benefit through attraction.

The sports television sector at this point is kind of reaching a critical mass in Connecticut,” said George Norfleet, the director of the state’s office of film, television and digital media. “It’s attracting attention. It’s expanding and it’s creating jobs.

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