When radio meet…


When radio meets internet and mobile, in India and China

In Radio goes where the youth is — online, I read the story of internet radio mainstream internet radio such as Radio City and independent radio such as Radio Whiskey, how they strives to attract more young audiences. For example, they designed special content for audiences online, hire separate teams of RJs and producers for their online portal, develop music specialization, and more importantly they extend the convergence into a new mobile area by developing Android apps, making music extremely accessible. 

I found the Jenkins article really inspiring and suddenly it dawned on me that, I was living what the article was talking about — media convergence, especially the convergence of radio and internet, one of which could be called the most traditional medium in human history and another could be called one the coolest medium ever. 

Before joined IU, I worked as a part-time music program host in a popular internet radio called Qmoon based in Beijing. I have been hosting shows and taking part in program and commercial design for the past two years and it was one of the best experiences in my life. 

Jenkins believes that convergence is “both a top-down corporate-driven process and a bottom-up consumer-driven process”[1]. And that was true according to my own experience. One of the biggest advantages of internet radio is that producers can get feedback from audiences online, directly and conveniently. You don’t have to wait for audiences call in or write you an mail to share about their feelings like in traditional radio station. I still remember every week how we have meetings based on the feedback from audiences. We argued, thought about what was right or wrong and made adjustment and improvement. For example, we designed an app for iPhone, but then Android users were not happy with it since they want to hear our music via their cellphones so we designed one for Android and it was a huge hit. Our audiences were very passionate about our internet radio since they thought they could be a part of the work. When they see their suggestions became the reality, they feel more than happy and satisfied.

After these details, I have to wrap it up with my personal feeling that the convergence of radio and other new media is unbelievable. It turns the old box in your grandpa’s bedroom into a small program in your computer or even mobile phone and it now offers you accompany 24/7. In China there is a growing tendency of this and I believe more extensions of convergence could be reached in the near future.

The news piece could be found: http://www.exchange4media.com/47793_radio-goes-where-the-youth-is-%E2%80%93-online.html

-by Feiran


[1] Henry Jenkins (2004). The cultural logic of media convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 7(1), 37.



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