Where trust is concerned, traditional media sources still win out.


With all of the conversation about the convergence of media, a new poll done by the LA Times suggests that although there has been an onslaught in new sources by which consumers can access news and information, traditional content providers are more trusted for the quality and accuracy of their content. This is specifically the case for voters, when considering information about the upcoming election. Although the degree varies depending on age and demographics, the USC Annenberg/Los Angeles Poll on Politics and the Press finds that the bulk of voters who do follow current events primarily look to traditional sources—such local TV news and printed publications.

Although for younger registered voters 18-29 whose primary source for news, according to the poll, is Facebook at 52%, other age brackets listed local evening news at an average of 58% with 38% also relying upon the local newspaper. 

for a full listing of poll questions and statistics see http://gqrr.com/articles/2780/7315_081912_USC%20LA%20Times%20FQ.pdf

It goes to show that, when it really counts, people are still prone to consult the “experts”. There is a certain unspoken social responsibility that these traditional sources have to their audiences. A certain vow of credibility, of unbiased coverage, of presenting “the facts”, whether or not if this remains the case in practice. Social media, online news sources,bloggers, and other amateur content-crerators still have a voice (and one that is becoming increasingly hard to ignore), but they have yet to win over the trust of the people. It’s nice to see that—in at least one arena—traditional journalists still end up on top.


Karyn McNay


“Voters still tuned into traditional news media, Poll finds” James Rainey, LATimes.com Aug 24, 2012

“National USC Annenberg-Los Angeles Times Poll Shows Local Television News Rules with Voters” Annenberg.USC.EDU, Aug 24, 2012




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