The New York Times Converging for Readers


The New York Times has recently revamped its video player in order to capture more viewers demanding news delivered via video.

“As more and more readers rely on video as a source for news, we are confident this new experience will deliver the best of The Times’ video with its clean design, easy-to-use navigation and larger format,” says Denise Warren, senior vice president and chief advertising officer, The New York Times Media Group, and general manager,


In Jenkins (2004), The cultural logic of media convergence, Jenkins notes that convergence represents an

“expanding opportunity for media conglomerates, since content that succeeds in one sector can expand its market reach across other platforms.”

It is well known that the New York Times in recent years especially, has been struggling to maintain its readerships and has been losing profit in it’s inability to do so. This is largely because of free news media that has been circling the web as well as the declining print news media. This restructuring/revamping of their video news medium is a perfect example of the NYT trying to recapture viewers and adjust their model in order to accomplish this.

There is a potential problem however in that by NYT in doing this they are at risk of moving readers from their print content to their video content there by contributing to their own failing readership woes, a risk Jenkins notes.

“Convergence represents a risk, since most of these media fear a fragmentation or erosion of their markets. Each time they move a viewer from, say, television to the internet, there is a risk that the consumer may not return.”

Dan Levy

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