Social Media on the Fly


Social media and sport continue to partner together create a major hub for fans and the team consumer. This weekend, The University of Oregon rolled out their Social Media Hub known as the Quack Cave (@quackcave). While a social media hub is nothing new (Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis created a “One-stop Shop), it is the first known college to create a platform that connect directly with the consumer. The QuackCave will be enhance interaction on all of their major social media hubs and will also be able to monitor student-athletes accounts.

Oregon is one of the most socially connected Division I universities with over 475,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter combined. Andy McNamara, the school’s social media coordinator, thinks it is important for the school an opportunity to capitalize on the secondary public relations market. Anytime a big time athlete or commentator mentions the Ducks on social media it is critical to capitalize on that tweet or message. This new cave gives the Ducks a more ‘social’ eye on the social world.  

After reading Jenkins and Deuze (2008), I couldn’t help but think how crucial of a step this is for a major university (or any organization) to control their message but also have the opportunity to “accelerate the flow of media content across delivery channels to expand revenue opportunities, broaden markets and reinforce consumer loyalties and commitments”. While a majority of this quote is true to social media, we have yet to figure out how to truly produce revenue through social media. The need to create a social media hub is a critical factor in gaining and keeping support of athletics.

Matt Blaszka

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