NYT+CNN combination



Desperate times call for creative measures. While most of the news organizations, irrespective of the medium they function in, are grappling with the new media puzzle at hand, in this article by Neiman Lab’s Ken Doctor makes a rather wild suggestion of “combining” the two largest print and television brands – the New York Times (NYT) and CNN respectively, online. Calling it convergence in a true sense, he makes an elaborate case for how and why the two different mediums could and should supplement each other and in fact, if successful they could easily beat competition to become a busy and successful news central.

This article is written in the context of a major news regarding industry movement early this August when BBC Director General of eight years, Mark Thompson shifted to assume the new role as CEO at the NYT Co. The appointment is justified given that Thompson has the experience of leading the TV industry for almost three decades and NYT’s ambition of scaling up their text product to online video news.

The thoroughly imagined scenario is backed by an in depth comparison of the two brands (the table in the article) on thirteen relevant and interesting parameters which include “revenue”, “aggregator chops”, “wire” among others. Although, I clearly see the “complementarity on paper”, the possibility of this combination in reality is really expecting too much too soon.

As a CEO of a prestigious brand of newspaper/news channel, would you consider this combination? What would be your major concerns? 



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